B-Side 2016

Lee was commissioned by the B-Side arts festival to make a piece to be part of the B-Side arts festival 2016.

The festival is held on Portland on the south coast and once Lee started to research his piece he soon found that the locals had endless stories of secret military bases, spy rings, shady military establishments and experimental technologies.

After researching and collecting numerous stories form the locals (as part of the community engagement strand of the project) Lee decided to build his own arts based military establishment in a complex of strange military tunnels that stories say used to link into the UK’s most secret submarine base.

The high angle batteries were used for the installation which spread over several hundred meters was active for the ten days of the festival. Please see the video below for more info.

Documentation film of b-side installation 2016.

Some stills form the installation….

Visitors to the installation investigate sonic hotspots in the heart of the installation.
Audience at a sound mirror on the old gate house of the secret 1950’s ROTOR army base used as part of Lees installation.
Audience members in part of the large tunnel network making up the installation.
Setting up an ariel and sound mirror as part of the installation.
audience member exploring the installation.
Audience members at another sound mirror outside the tunnel network.