Lee has made many films and film soundtracks through the years..

Bloody Frogs was completed early in 2019 and was premiered in Rye next to the canal where it was shot. It is about Frogs, Invasion and Brexit.

The film evolved of its own accord from an investigation that Lee undertook of the Royal Military Canal in Kent – this canal was made to keep Europeans out, but as Lee found out it is now home to thousands and thousands of them…

The soundtrack (as in most of Lees films) has been composed from sounds that Lee collected on location whilst shooting the film.

As well as being shown at many film nights and events, Lee made an installation using the film and an accompanying multi channel sound installation (made from frog sounds), at the Art in Romney Marsh and Margate Now festivals during autumn 2019.

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Lees next film will be The Divine Dreamer – It is a telling of part of the Hindu Ramayana myth and a collaboration with story teller Mikael Oberg, Lee started filming it in India 2017. The initial edits have been made and Funding is being sought to finish the film – watch this space !

Links to some of Lees earlier films follow…

Yatra :- Lee was commissioned to walk to the source of the Thames from Tower Bridge and to then produce a film and soundtrack from noises and pictures that he collected along the way

Tank Grinder :- made at the Tank in northern Sweden – a sonic and visual documentation of the grinding of a huge steel tank with a 24second reverb… The sound needs to be heard to be believed !

Scrap Life is a film made in collaboration with Suen Butoh of Sweden, It was made in conjunction with Swedish TV and Lee composed the sound score entirely from sounds that he recorded at the Scrap Yard.