Fire Dreaming

URKULT 2014 – FIRE DREAMING – Aug 2014

Lee with tank men collaborators Mikael Oberg and Bjornola Lund were invited to choreograph, and design a fire ritual to open the 2014 Urkult festival in northern Sweden.

With an audience of 11 thousand, a massive sound system and a huge site it was a lot of fun/work. Over 40 performers and musicians were eventually involved and all choreography, sound design and pyrotechnic build was by Lee, Mikael and Bjornolla.

Tiny Mimi Gif

The performance involved a lot of fire, 20 school children, and many dancers/performers.

The sound design utilised many of the other sound systems on site for a truly 3 dimensional sound picture.

small begulmai Gif

The sound content used many musicians as well as Lee’s tones, recordings and live sonic manipulations.

Begalmai roof

The ritual aspect of the piece invoked many fire spirits

skullhead 1