The oldest known story in the world – the Mesopotamian Goddess myth Inanna told by Mikael Oberg with an interactive live sonic backing made by Lee and an interactive live visual element by Daniel Rudholm.

We have performed versions of this several times in London and the UK as well as in Stockholm and Oslo.

Cody Dock Performance ©David Mirzoeff Photography

Each show is different to the last as the piece evolves and performances have involved massive projections, choirs floating on docks, story tellers on landlocked boats and entranced audiences…

Lee’s sound design is manipulated/improvised live as the story unfolds…

Cody Dock Performance ©David Mirzoeff Photography

Mikael Oberg worked with the source material of the Inanna myths and a Stockholm based expert in ancient Sumerian to gain an intimate understanding of various elements of the Inanna myth to develop the version of the story which we told.

Cody Dock Performance ©David Mirzoeff Photography

An audio recording/podcast of the story will be released on the autumn equinox 2020 (the symbolism of Inannas journey into the underworld is intimately related to the autumn equinox).