Lee and Performance background


Lee is part of the Inner Ear performance group based at their Tank venue in northern Sweden and has worked with them for several years. Together they explore intention, myth, space, energetics and performance. They have made many performances all around Europe including opening the Urkult Festival in Northern Sweden (2019 and 2015) and a promenade performance through the Clearwell Cave network (2018).

Lee also works both as a composer and performer with various other groups on occasion, recently with Joan Lagge Butoh (USA) and the Arbnouts (UK).

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Lees work with performance is deeply rooted in the butoh movement of Japan. For over 15 years he worked with the Suen butoh group in Sweden both as their composer in residence and working with all aspects of large scale public and dance theatre performance.

The butoh dancers energetic view of the world/performance has led to a deep interest in and sense of space, energy and intention that runs through all of Lees work.

Suzhannah Arkelund of Suen butoh studied and worked with the Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo group in Japan for many years learning and developing a performance method that has direct lineage to both Tatsumi Hijikata and Yoko Ashikawa. She is unique in the west for having this in depth, pure training and her system/methodology has had a deep influence on Lees work.

Lee has furthered his understanding of energy perception and performance whilst working both with the Inner Ear group and with other performers. His understanding of and long experience of Tai Chi and Qi Gong are also brought into play in his performance works.

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