Night Sight.

Night Sight was a long term research based project which took place in the Clearwell Caves network in the Forest of Dean, U.K. It was funded by the arts council (A.C.E.) and Foresters Forest and was a collaboration with local artist Rob Olins.

Performance cast – Volunteers, The Inner Ear and David Aylward

The aim of the project was to increase awareness in the colony of rare bats which live in the caves (lesser and greater horseshoe bats), to achieve this we made a string of installations, interventions and performances that encouraged people to listen and interact with the cave space via listening rather than their more usual ways of interacting with space.

Lee and David Aylward carry a kettle drum deep into the caves.

Local primary school children visting the installation.

The project consisted of :-

A large scale promenade performance that led audiences on a journey of over a kilometre deep underground, the performance was led by the Inner Ear and used many local volunteers as well as international artists.

A series of audio installations running through the caves (some of which have been left in situ as a legacy).

A series of workshops for the visually impaired, local school children and disabled groups.

The whole project was research based and involved local historians, ecologists and miners.

Sounds used included archive material from the local mining community, interviews with locals, recordings of bats made in the caves and vicinity, interviews with local historians and ecologists and tones that were tuned to the resonance of the cave network.

Volunteers in costume as ancient iron miners.

A workshop for visually impaired children as part of the project.
Group of special needs children visit the installation.
Open Flu speaker cut to amplify the standing waves of the cave network as part of an interactive sound installation which has been permanently installed in the caves.

Miner Shaman from the Inner Ear performance collective (Mikael Oberg)
Primary school children flap their arms like bats as a part of a workshop at the installation.
Inner Ear miners at the rockface.
Bjornola Lind a part of The Inner Ear sets up his G’daki deep underground.