Film and soundtracks

Lee has worked on his own site specific films and soundtracks as well working collaboratively with many different people. Collaborative works include Scrap Life (made in partnership with Swedish television and Suen butoh) and Ashphalto and routemaster (Collaborations with Finnish director Illpo Pohjola), Lee has also had his music used in feature films and many shorts and has collaborated with London based Domonique Rivoal.


His own films include…


Yatra (For this Lee was commissioned to walk to the source of the Thames from Tower Bridge and to then produce a film and soundtrack from noises and pictures that he collected along the way)


Tank Grinder – made at the cistern in northern Sweden – a sonic and visual documentation of the grinding of a huge steel tank with a 24second reverb… The sound needs to be heard to be believed


Dinner with Mum – A catharsis…