Found Sound

Extractors, elevators, escalators, extractors, one way systems, airports, rivers, roads, drills, extractors, tin cans, planes, boats, trains, sub bass car spillage, fan belt slippage, howling, extractors……

Collecting sound from a given space and then limiting himself to using only that sound for a certain composition is a continuing theme in Lee’s work.

Into the 100meter 40sec reverb mother of all tanks !!!!


These sound pieces emerge from the grey area which sits between sound f.x. and composed music  and the site specific quality of the sound hints back at the source from which it came.

Often these compositions have been used as the soundtrack of a film shot at the same location as the recordings or as the sound for a dance piece or performance which takes place in the same space.

Examples include…

Cistern works – A string of performances, recordings and installations made at the Cistern (A huge old oil tank in northern Sweden with a 24 second reverb)

lee at tank crop

Scrap Yard Life – Extensive film, dance and music projects (Scrap Bodies music album and dance performance, At the Scroot (music piece and performance), Scrap life(short film made in collaboration with Swedish TV) etc etc) all using sounds, images and inspiration drawn from the Scroot Centrallen scrap Yard in Uppsala, Sweden. Some of these compositions were used at the Hayward Gallery on Londons South bank.

Scrap project

Yatra – A film, soundtrack album and dance choreography using images and sounds collected by Lee when he walked from Tower Bridge to the source of the river Thames. (a 3 week 250 mile journey – featured on the BBC and shown at many places including the ICA and Museum Of on Londons South Bank)

Scrap bodies cover

MOOP – An album made from sounds of the Slussen one way system in Stockholm and the Slussen ‘quirkumentary’ – Lee’s first documentary film about this legendary one way system.

sluss under view 2

Fruitfull – A performance in Quito Ecuador with a site specifyc soundtrack/design made from noises collected by Lee in Quito


Suspended – A piece of music and set of photographs made in collaboration with Bjornolla Lund – All sounds and images collected at the High Coast bridge north Sweden.

Olla bridge pic1 resizeBridge pic 2

Innumerable other projects include albums for the likes of Ninja tunes and  many many more performances and short films


Please see CV and biog for a fuller list