The Sonic Anomaly sideshow – Information, Disinformation tour.

The UK is littered with old military sites and no-one really knows what went on inside of them. Rumours, urban myth and conjecture abound and the truth (if such an absolute exists) is buried beneath layers of disinformation, fading memory and differing viewpoints.

naval HQ

From a sound art perspective these sites are a rich resource. Resonant spaces abound (tunnels, bunkers, tanks and silos) and much of the technology developed at these establishments can nowadays be utilised to deliver sound in unusual ways. These abandoned places still murmur with forgotten communiques, messages from the past still seem to be transmitted from rusting ariels and strange dishes pointing skywards pickup magnetic and sonar signals.

Verne ariel

The sonic anomaly sideshow tour will draw on all of the above as it visits various different sites around the UK. The first outing will be in Sept 2016 with a commission from the B-Side festival on the island of Portland, Dorset. Here the show will take the form of a ten day installation using various military sound delivery technologies including sound mirrors, directional speakers and ferrite sound speakers. The myths, rumours and ‘facts’ about the numerous local military activities will be investigated and combined with various live sound feeds in an as yet undisclosed resonant space. Subsonic weapon grade infrasonics will also be utilised.

Distex doors

This initial show will be a pilot for the touring show that will visit various disused military sites all around the UK. The next confirmed install will be a showcase at the Arnolfini in Bristol early in 2017. 


Sound Mirrors… Reflective sound

This ongoing project continues with an exhibition currently touring special needs schools from Sept 2015 to summer 2017.

reflector 1 crop

The dishes reflect my soundpieces creating definite hot and cold spots of sound and audiences are encouraged to move about, listen and interact with the sound space.

reflector 2 - 2


We have taken the dishes to many venues around the UK including galleries, raves (they work in the chillout rooms !) and exhibition spaces.

Each different space has involved a different set of sounds.


disc listenerinside reflect 1disc on container 2Rob at werk

For example – In the Foyer of the REP theatre in Birmingham from Sept to Dec 2014 there was an exhibition consisting of 6 of the sound mirrors.

REP 12014-09-09 17.47.522014-09-09 17.48.40

Lee helped to facilitate this show being involved with initial concepts, sound and physical design as well as running sound recording and editing workshops for local outreach projects which prepared the sound collages used on the dishes..

here are some dishes in other venues/spaces…


Dishes at colston Hall 1Colston dishes from aboveDishes Alfresco


Earth Tomes – March 2016 

A butoh dance collaboration with Seattle based choreographer and dancer Joan Laage.

Sounds and frequencies of the earth were used by Lee to create a living sonic environment in which a group of 5 dancers lived and breathed.

Performances in London’s Hackney Showroom and Liverpool’s Capstone theatre, the piece then went on to be performed in Malmo, Sweden and Frankfurt, Germany.

Earthtones group armsEarthtones group

The Desire Machine – Sept 2014 + July 2015 + where next….

This is a collaborative performance and work in progress made with the performance company the Arbonauts. Lee made the sound design and live sound performance at each show.

We performed an R and D piece at the Brunel shaft in Rotherhithe Sept 2014 and then ran the finished performance for 10 consecutive nights in July 2015.

Lee found the standing waves that truly brought the shafts acoustic properties to light as well as improvising live during the shows with a range of sounds recorded in both the shaft itself and using the desire machine (a large revolving scaffolding structure).

The whole sound composition and design was a response to the space.

A very creative process and performance that received very favourable reviews and has been nominated for an award.



URKULT 2014 – FIRE DREAMING – Aug 2014

Lee with tank men collaborators Mikael Oberg and Bjornolla Lund were invited to choregraph, and design a fire ritual to open the 2014 Urkult festival in northern Sweden.

With an audience of 11 thousand, a massive sound system and a huge site it was a lot of fun/work. Over 40 performers and musicians were eventually involved and all choreography, sound design and pyrotechnic build was by Lee, Mikael and Bjornolla.

Tiny Mimi Gif


The performance involved a lot of fire, 20 school children, and many dancers/performers.

The sound design utilised many of the other sound systems on site for a truly 3 dimensional sound picture.

small begulmai Gif


The sound content used many musicians as well as Lee’s tones, recordings and live sonic manipulations.

Begalmai roof


The ritual aspect of the piece invoked many fire spirits

skullhead 1

Inanna – The oldest known story in the world – the Mesopotamian Goddess myth told by Mikael Oberg with an interactive live sonic backing made by me – We have performed versions of this twice in London as well as in Stockholm and Oslo, more shows are planned…

Each show is different to the last as the piece evolves and performances have involved massive projections, choirs floating on docks, story tellers on landlocked boats and entranced audiences…

Lee’s sound design is manipulated/improvised live as the story unfolds…

Cody Dock Performance ©David Mirzoeff Photography

Cody Dock Performance ©David Mirzoeff Photography

Cody Dock Performance ©David Mirzoeff Photography

7 winds – a collaboration with Output Arts and the tank – We installed a homemade wind harp onto the roof of the tank in Sweden and then Lee and the other inhabiters of the cistern improvised with the live wind making 7 different 30min performances to an audience who lay on specially made beds – wonderful !

Olla 7 winds2505210646audience bed




Bell Ringer – London, Dilston Grove 2011 and Romney marsh Kent 2010


Buildings (both Churches) measured and sound installations made entirely

from frequencies that relate back to the dimensions of the room composed and installed.

Various sonic anomalies manifest for the audiences enjoyment.

Bell Ringer posterSONY DSC

The Stubnitz

Lee has a long term relationship with the german arts ship Motorship Stubnitz  and in 2012 he brokered an arrangement for the ship to visit London – Lee joined the ship on the journey to London recording and filming enroute.

A live sonic installation took place on board the ship summer 2012 in London and a film with Stubnitz sound soundtrack is to follow soon.

Stubnitz flierLee Stubby 4 crop

Cistern (The Tank)…

The Cistern is a large steel tank in northern Sweden wih a 24second reverb and Lee will return to the tank this midsummer for the 4th consecutive year – Previous years have seen sound and performance based events in the tank and this year should prove no exception. Also this year Lee will collaborate with London based Output arts to install a windharp on the roof of the tank – this harp will be tuned to a frequency that relates to the size of the tank and the resulting sound (complete with the tanks 24second reverb) will be streamed live onto the internet

Tank 09 - GuruTank 09 opening showLee 3


Su-En butoh Co – Lee has worked on a wide range of projects with the Su-En butoh Co since 1993.

Lee has written and improvised hour long scores for many ‘black box’ type productions including, Scrap Bodies, Yatra, Moop, Luscious, Headless, Cracks, Fragrant, SOOT, and Slice.

Headless imageLush3witchLush group

As well as theatre pieces Lee has worked with Su-En on many other pieces at venues ranging from anatomical theatres (The Body project 2003), Scrap yards (Many different projects at the wonderful Scroot Cenrallen in Upsalla, Sweden as well as Jodran metals in Croatia), Rock festivals, Nuclear bunkers, Ships holds, disused churches etc etc…

Scrap bodies perfbody project HansScrap the truck SUclaw

Lee has also made soundtracks for several films made by Su-En Butoh and has toured the world with them several times performing everywhere from Armenia to Tokyo to New York, SanFrancisco, Ecuador, Mexico etc….

MOOP-coverFruit SuFishcuts+Side1-jpeg