Sound Design

Space is an endless theme in Lee’s work and the space in which a sound design is to be installed is the prime consideration whenever he makes a new sound design.


In recent years his interest in space has led Lee into Landscape art with projects including recording at the High Coast bridge in Northern Sweden, Recording and performing at the Cistern (a large steel tank in Sweden), composing at various sites throughout London and soon he hopes to link huge resonant steel tanks on different continents together using the internet.

Bridge pic 3

Lee has made many unusual and bespoke sound designs for a range of different projects.


Each of his designs are unique and details of a few of these designs follow…


Monster in the Middle 2012 – made in conjunction with ‘Tankmen’ collaborators took place in an old oil storage tank in northern Sweden and used the resonant frequency of the tank as well sounds that had been recorded in the tank previously and were then worked on in the London landscape – these sonic compositions were then returned to the tank and were used as the basis of a live sound and art performance with Lee’s tankmen collaborators.

Lee Qigong

Dancing with Angels, 2004 – A London dance performance involved collaborating with national physics laboratory (the NPL) and used six meter long ‘pipe speaker’ enclosures to generate inaudible subharmonic frequencies which have been proved to have a psychological effect upon the listener. This performance also used a large 5;1 surround sound system and the sound was designed to move around the venue (an old church) and to immerse the audience.


Luscious, 2009 – A dance performance on the main stage at Stockholm’s Dansens Hus by the Su-En Butoh company used an additional soundsystem as well as the usual 4K in-house rig, this second system was placed facing away from the audience in the back of the 20meter deep behind stage wings. Using a system of subgroups Lee was able able to sweep various sonic aspects of his composition away into the far distance and to then explode them back again onto the onstage system. This dual sound system setup was also used for more subtle sound shifts and sweeps.

Lush groupLuscious---Nuria-n-Su

Bell Ringer 2010 and 2011 – 2 Buildings (both old churches) were measured and compositions where made using frequencies which somehow related back to the dimensions of the room that the sound designs were installed in. The resulting pieces manifested many sonic anomalies with ‘hotspots’ of sound, sound which got quieter as you approached the speakers and nodes of inaudible sound pressure.


MOOP 2003 – featured a sound system in the lobby of the theatre playing random sounds at random times during a dance performance which took place in a theatre with a live improvised soundtrack (also by Lee) – The improvised and random sound pieces worked together to provide the unique piece heard by the audience in theatre.

Yatra perf

These are just a few examples of  Lee’s innovative and experimental hands on approach to sound design. More examples given on request and see the c.v. and found sound pages…..