Stone Chat

Stone Chat – A dialogue with the ancient landscape of West Penwith

Stone Chat is a performative walk that follows an ancient prehistoric processional way through the landscape of Nine Maidens moor, encountering various megalithic monuments including neolithic hilltop enclosures, barrows, stone circles and standing stones enroute.

Looking from Ding Dong the starting point of Stone Chat to the end point at Carn Gulva.

Drawing on local myth, folklore and legend collaborators David Aylward and Lee Berwick will collaborate with local volunteers and performers to devise a choreography and sound performance that reimagines this living landscape and peoples connection to it.

David taking a close look at the prop stone Carn Gulva.

Lee and David have worked together on several performance/sound projects in a wide range of spaces and venues during a relationship that spans several decades and both have worked in the world of large scale public art for many years in a wide range of roles and capacities.

Lee at Men-Scyrfa standing stone with Carn Gulva in the distance.

David has been exploring the ancient West Penwith landscape for more years than he cares to count and in recent years began to consider the route between the raised barrows close to the 9 maiden stone circle and the enclosure atop Carn Gulva in terms of it being used as some sort of a processional way in ancient times. The more he considered the idea and rewalked the paths the more the landscape revealed to him, in 2019 David invited Lee to join him on the moor and showed him the route – they have revisited together on several occasions since that initial walk, plotting a basic choreography, gaining inspiration and thinking/brainstorming ideas and in this way Stone Chat was born.

David and Lee as part of the cast at the A.C.E. funded Night Sight project at Clearwell caves in the Forest of Dean

David Aylwards biog (he is an artist who deliberately avoids a digital presence) is available on request.