Su-En Butoh Co.

Su-En butoh Co – Lee worked on a wide range of projects with the Su-En butoh Co for around 15 years from the mid nineties.

Scrap bodies perf

Lee has written and improvised scores for many ‘black box’ type productions including, Scrap Bodies, Yatra, Moop, Luscious, Headless, Cracks, Fragrant, SOOT, and Slice.

These pieces regularly toured the world and Lee would relight and set up the stage as well as performing his live live sound installations.


Together Lee and Suen regularly performed at Scandinavia’s largest dance venues (with a capacity of over 1000). Lee’s sound designs were unusual to say the least, often with ancillary sound systems in the wings and/or foyer areas as well the usual stage setups and subsonics underneath the audience.

Headless image

As well as theatre pieces Lee has worked with Su-En on many other pieces at venues ranging from anatomical theatres (The Body project 2003), Scrap yards (Many different projects at the wonderful Scroot Cenrallen in Upsalla, Sweden as well as Jodran metals in Croatia), Rock festivals, Nuclear bunkers, Ships holds, disused churches etc etc…

body project Hans

Lee approach to sound and space was developed during this long collaboration and interaction with this lineage based art form (Suen was taught by Ashikawa during her long stay in Japan and this pure butoh training is rare even within Japan let alone in the west).

Scrap the truck SUclaw

Lee was fortunate to have such a long term in depth experience of this pure Hitchikata lineage energy/performance system.

Lush group

Lee has also made soundtracks for several films made by Su-En Butoh and has toured the world with them several times performing everywhere from Armenia to Tokyo to New York, SanFrancisco, Ecuador, Mexico etc….

Fruit Su