The Space Below

The Space Below is conceived as an immersive sound installation, designed to tour to subterranean locations across the globe, where the cause and impact of underwater acoustic pollution are most prevalent. 

This new work is a collaboration between Lee Berwick and Emma Critchley. It is inspired by extensive research and was this March (2020) installed for ten days in the foot tunnel at Greenwich. This installation used 40 speakers and a bespoke arduino sound delivery system.

The work explores underwater sound pollution :- an urgent issue that has spread to affect all corners of the world, from the busy shipping lanes of the English Channel to the once silent waters of the Arctic.

Every creature in the ocean can hear. For undersea life hearing is fundamental to communication, breeding, feeding and ultimately survival.

The Space Below transports audiences into a space where ears rule over eyes, and where the sound of humans at work and play takes on a darker tone and it is created from an archive of underwater sound recordings that we sourced from across the globe,

We are working closely with Dr. Iain Staniland and Dr. Jennifer Jackson of the British Antarctic Survey to learn more about marine mammal song and behaviour.

The first installation took place in London in Spring, 2020 and the intention is to tour the installation to other venues further afield in coming times. Our project partners include: MiniRig, The British Antarctic Survey; The Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust; Culture & Climate Change Project; Californian Ocean Alliance; The University of Plymouth; and specialists from Cornell and Washington Universities, US.