The Tank

To enter inside The Tank is to enter another world

Tank information film

Blackness           back to the Mothers womb…..

tank look downus on stairsaudience on beds

The 24second reverb amplifies everything, you become hyper aware of your physicality, voices hush to stop words becoming garbled mush.

w body perf crop 1Cisternfestivalen ALLT utom hos Fredrik 425Guru 2

The Tank is a huge reverb chamber and performance space.

Situated on a small island named Svano in the north of Sweden, the tank was left abandoned when the local sawmill complex was closed and demolished in the 1960’s.

Now surrounded by tranquility, trees, water and an epic landscape the Tank is home to an informal and international sound art and performance collective.


As well as making performance and sound art at the Tank we are also performing and making work in the landscape, resonant spaces and at other venues across Scandinavia and around Europe.

Space, energy and intention drive our ritualised interventions and these manifest as sound, stories, performance and spectacle.

Shamanic ritual, Qi Gong, Butoh and an interest in local tradition underpin this work.

Pictures from some of the performances and festivals that we have made at the tank follow below…

Native Ears  2019

We invited deep listening practitioners Jennifer Wilsey, Bjorn Ericson and Sharon Stewart to collaborate with us making a deep deep midsummer performance…

Cistern Festivalen (Tank Festival) 2008

Fenix zoomexploderande skalleDSC04890Cistern Festivalen (Tank Festival) 2009

Cisternfestivalen ALLT utom hos Fredrik 400Opening show 4Cisternfestivalen ALLT utom hos Fredrik 490Cisternfestivalen ALLT utom hos Fredrik 375

A Midsummer days dream 2010

Olla 7 windsIMG_4905IMG_9546

A Monster in the Middle 2011


7 Winds  (windharp project collaboration with London’s Output arts) 2012


Waterbody 2014

Waterbody spiral cropIMG_9432P1000392