Lee works with space, energy and intention.

Installation, Performance and Film – all relate back to the space in which they are conceived/presented.

His work is informed by many many years experience of making/performing sound for Butoh dance/movement, he is trained in the undiluted Hitchikata, Ashikawa Lineage of Japan and this has led a long term study of Tai Chi and Qi Gung.

Recent works include a string of solo and collaborative installations and performances around the U.K., the “Bloody Frogs’ film and installation project (Brexit art), and shows in Sweden and Tbilisi Georgia.

Soon coming :- The Space Below – a huge subterranean sonic installation under the Thames in London – A collaboration with Emma Critchley.

Previous work includes running, recording/writing music for and touring as DigiDub, writing sound scores and improvising them live for the Swedish Su-en butoh Co (18 years of constant collaboration to 2012), bringing the arts ship Stubnitz to London as part of the 2012 Olympics, etc, etc….

Collaborations as well as solo works, he is part of the “Inner ear’ performance/sound art collective based at their “Tank” venue in north Sweden. The “Tank” venue a huge empty metal cylinder with a 24second reverb is regularly used for recording, experimentation and performance.

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