Lee works with space, energy and intention.

Installation, Performance, Sound and Film – all relate back to the space in which they are conceived/presented.

Lees practice is informed by a long relationship with Japanese Butoh dance, working in this world constantly for 15 years nurtured a fascination with energetic and intention based practices and the way in which they relate to peformance/installation.

Current works include a string of solo and collaborative installations and performances around the UK, Scandinavia and worldwide.

Lees involvment with the Inner Ear performance collective and working at their base at the Tank in northern Sweden is a constant inspiration.

An interest in large multi channel/speaker sound delivery systems is currently under investigation, and Lees endless wanderings in the domain of space modulating sound (sound mirrors, standing waves, resonant frequencies, phonic crystals, reverb, echo, etc) continues…

Providing sound for the Sound Sphere in the USA, developing the Phonick crystal with the Physics dept of Bath University and The Space Below installation which investigates manmade underwater sound pollution are all current largescale installation/performance projects.

Performances live in the UK and Scandinavia have taken place during summer/autumn 2023 and possible trips to work in both India and Haiti are in the pipeline.

Lee is a part of the Inner Ear performance art collective and is a part owner of the Tank in Sweden (the Tank is a huge circular oil storage vessel with a 24second reverb and we use it as a massive musical instrument which we play from the inside).

Recording and performance takes place at the Tank most summers around midsummer.

Lee teaches Qi Gong on an informal basis most weeks on Wednesday a.m. please email for class details (Class both in person and online via Zoom).

An interest in water sources and brewing have led to Lee brewing bespoke brews from waters collected in unusual places – bespoke and tonick brews are available for your your event/celebration.

See the previous page for details of some previous works.

For over 15 years Lee worked constantly with Sweden’s SU-EN Butoh Co both writing and developing sound scores and choreographies and touring the world performing in a range of venues from Yerevan to Quito, London to New York and Tokyo to Cancun.

This relationship helped Lee to develop the method that he uses to investigate sound, space, intention and interaction with audience.