Digidub was Lee’s record label and first recording studio.

Digidub was active as a record label, sound system, live music act, DJ project and remix/artist name between 1989 and 2006.

The project gained widespread critical acclaim, toured the world (everywhere from Tokyo, to Manhattan, New Zealand all around Europe and the UK) released numerous records (12 inch and albums) and CD’s either its self or as collaborative projects with labels such as Ninja tunes and the legendary 9bar and also remixed many artists including Funky Porcini, One Chip and Dread Zone.

Lee still appears as a DJ (if the price or vibe is right !!!) playing an across the board set of digickal roots oriented nonsense and late 60’s melodic Jamaican tunes from the era that time forgot…..

Collaborators on the label included L.S.Diesel, Iffor Clarkson Denbigh,Creation Steppa, Levi Roots and Styward and on the squat scene in the early 90’s performances took place all around the place often at Mutoid Waste and similarly deep underground warehouse type events….

Some vinyl and CD’s from Digidub times still sits awaiting a buyer – If you are interested please email……


Dubstep before it was invented…..